We Supply Slag sands, Pipes for water, Gas, Plumbing, Telecom, Sewerage, Irrigation and Pipe Fittings.

Top Seller

PE Gas Pipes

Manufactured from virgin high performing special grade raw material PE-80 & PE-100.

Wide range starting from 20mm to 355mm OD.

PE Cable Duct Pipes

It is the versatile and unique solution for High Speed Air Blowing of Optical Fibre Cable

Supplied in coils of various lengths upto to 110 mm

Micro Duct Pipes

Micro Ducts are available in 7mm, 10mm & 14 mm OD with different wall-thicknesses.

Melt Flow Rate 0.2 to 1.10 gm /10 Minute at 190ºC & 5 kg load

Slag Sand

Eco Friendly-Alternative to River Sand

Can be user 100% individually and also in combination with river sand, Crusher dust and M-Sand

Solar Photovoltaic Module

Photovoltaic Modules are made from high efficiency Mono / Multi Crystalline solar cells The cells used are of 14.0% to 17.5% efficiency.

Corrugated Pipes & Fittings

Power cable conduit & telecom cable duct.

Agriculuture / Sub Surface Drainage